Hello, Bridgton.

I have spent a lot of time behind bars…that is 15 years slingin’ drinks in a variety of establishments. Its bizzare that businesses in the same industry can be so vastly different. Some would get you through the door with their perfectly crafted cocktail list, others with witty bartenders and servers, and yet others make you question why you entered in the first place.

So, now I am stepping out from behind the bar, taking off my apron, putting down my tray, and picking up a pencil (actually an iPhone) and sharing my knowledge, opinions, and great finds with you.

The greater Bridgton area is quickly becoming the next food and craft beer Mecca. Bridgton alone boasts over fifteen places to grab some grub, ranging from a specialty panini from the newly opened Towanda’s to a rack of ribs from Black Horse Tavern.

I plan to explore all Bridgton has to offer and report back to you, my adoring readers. So, who has the best signature dishes and what resturants should be “86’d”? Keep reading to find out!

-Bon Vivant


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